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Our Story

Going on 31 years in business...

Our mission is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes, but a unique dance family experience in which the student can grow both mentally and physically as a dancer. Our instructors have a combined 50+ years experience in teaching, performing and competiting in various styles and disciplines.


Here at Tari's Cornerstone Studio for Dance, we provide each student with a place to belong and learn.  If you are interested in providing this experience for your child, contact us today to learn more about our studio.

Meet the Staff

You’re in Great Hands

Tari Ott


Tari, a graduate from MSU has taught dance in the Lansing area for 39 years. She has been in business for 30 of those years.  Tari is not only recognized as a successful teacher locally but nationally as well, with multiple regional and national wins in competitive dance.  Tari teaches Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz and Acrobatics.

Brooke Shepard

Competitive and Recreational Instructor

Brooke Shepard has been a student and teacher at Tari's Cornerstone Studio for Dance for 30 years.  A business graduate from MSU, Brooke has led competitive dance teams to multiple first place finishes.  Brooke teaches lyrical, tap, ballet and jazz.

Elizabeth Wakulsky

Competitive and Recreational Dance Instructor

Elizabeth is currently attending MSU as an Art Major.  She has 15 years in dance experience and teaches Acrobatics, Hip-Hop and Jazz

Kathryn Hale

Kathryn, a 2nd-grade teacher at Murphy Elementary has been teaching dance in the greater Lansing area for the past seven years, 15 years of her own training prior, and entering her 2nd year with TCSD.  Kathryn teaches ballet, tap, jazz, and competitive dance.

Classes We Offer

Join Our Dance Family

Recreational Dance

Led by a dedicated team of instructors, these dance classes cover all ages 3-18. Dance types include Acrobatics, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop and Lyrical.

Competition Dance Teams

Beginning in the fall, interested students are invited to tryout for our competition teams.  Tari's students compete throughout Michigan and yearly attend Dance National Competitions. Competitive dance concentrates in Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap and Musical Theater.
This past year, TCSD had
two National Championship teams and four teams in the competition's Best of the Best!

If you have any additional questions about our classes, get in touch and one of our staff members will gladly assist you.

2019-2020 Studio Policy

Classes start September 3, 2019


  • No: Gum, food, candy, drink street shoes

  • Be on time for class

  • Dispose of trash in proper containers

  • No leaning on ballet bars or mirrors

  • No talking in class

  • Students with questions should raise their hand and address the instructor by the proper title:  Miss Tari, Miss Brooke, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Kathryn, etc.

  • make sure your name is on all your clothing and shoes (The studio is not responsible for any lost articles.)

  • Check the lost and found periodically

  • Respect for the art form, the instructors, the studio and fellow students is required at all times

  • Reverence and/or applause at the end of a class is a traditional part of dance and is viewed as the student’s opportunity to show appreciation to the instructor and the art form



Ballet:  Tights (any color), leotard (any color), pink ballet slippers.  Hair must be tied back or put up

Jazz:  Leotard (any color), tights (any color), jazz shoes

Acrobatics:  Leotard (any color), tights (any color), bare feet, jazz shoes or acrobatic shoes

Tap:  Leotard (any color), tights (any color) and tap shoes

Pointe:  Black leotard, pink tights, pink pointe shoes

Lyrical:  Leotard (any color), tights (any color), bare feet, ballet shoes or Bloch Eclipse Shoes

Hip Hop:  Clothes easy to move in, sneakers


Attendance is very important and necessary for the class to progress and improve.  Occasional absences are understandable but should be legitimate.  Please contact the studio if your child is unable to attend class.  Consistent absences may result in dismissal.

Studio Closures:

Please call the studio on snow days to see if classes have been canceled for the day.  The studio DOES NOT close because schools are closed, nor does it stay open just because schools are open.


2019-2020 Scheduled Breaks

Christmas Break:  12/22/19 - 1/5/20

Spring Break:  4/4/20 - 4/12/20



1 class:      $37.00

2 classes:  $62.00

3 classes:  $82.00

4 classes:  $100.00

5 classes:  $116.00

6 or more classes:  $130.00


All classes are to be paid for timely.  Payment is DUE the first week of the month for the entire month.  Payment by check is preferred.  (There will be a $25.00 fee for any returned checks.). 

All missed classes must be paid for.

Recital information:

The recital is tentatively scheduled for the second or third Saturday in June.  No video cameras will be allowed in the auditorium.  Parents can tape dress rehearsal and a tape of the show is available for those who wish to purchase one.

The studio policy is the responsibility of each student to uphold.  Please be sure that each student and parent reads and understands their responsibility as a dancer for Tari's Cornerstone Studio for Dance.

2019-2020 SCHEDULE

Classes start September 3, 2019

Tari Ott - Director/Owner

If you would like more information on Tari's Cornerstone Studio for Dance, we’d be more than happy to help. Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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(517) 339-2855

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